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UFO T Shirt That is Out of This World!

Did you know that this UFO T-Shirt has been created using the actual 3D model from a feature length documentary? Truth Wear Brand were lucky enough to be given access to the wireframe rendering of the UFO craft from “Stonehenge: Into the Light” so you can get it as a really cool Tee shirt design. Available for both men and women, you can let the world know “I want to believe” and unleash your inner Mulder or Skully!

UFO T Shirt

UFO T Shirt Design Elements

The T shirt print includes labels of some of the key propulsion systems along with an information box and is available in a number of colours and sizes. Click on the button below to see the different options.

When you wear this T Shirt you’re definitely going to start some interesting conversations! It’s time to stand out from the crowd with an out of this world design! If you’re looking for other products that sport this design then click the image below. We’ve got hoodies, multi-coloured mugs and even a desk mat!

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Factoid: This was actually our first design and is based upon the UFO craft shown in the documentary “Stonehenge: Into the Light”. We got hold of the original 3D model of the UFO and reverse engineered the design you see above. Therefore this design is 100% authentic. It shows a cross section of the craft with two out of four of the pilots. Whether you’ve seen that documentary or not though there’s no denying this is a really cool design!