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Ancient Aliens and UFOs: Do they really exist?

UFO Ancient Aliens Mug

The Ancient Aliens UFO craft is one of our most popular designs and is available as a T Shirt, table mat, hoodie and mug as shown below. There’s been a growing interest in UFOs and Ancient Aliens since the 1950s and though the majority of people believe that there is something going on, it’s not clear what the spiritual connection is.

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The documentary “Stonehenge: Into the Light” raised the hypothesis that these “Ancient Aliens” are actually something much closer to home. Furthermore aliens and UFOs might actually be a spiritual distraction. Our UFO craft design is based directly on the 3D artwork used in that documentary.

Fan fact: In the little video above the documentary is playing on the television in the background. You also see the book “Stonehenge: Into the Light” on the table next to the mug.

Why Should Spiritual People Care About Ancient Aliens & UFOs?

The alien and UFO agenda is increasingly becoming part of the narrative in politics, entertainment and culture. Like it or not it is already shaping the world we live in. Like any idea or belief it motivates people and so it is important that we seek the truth. Why is it that so many films and TV shows are dedicated to the idea of space, aliens and UFOs? Furthermore have you noticed that often the narrative is either doom and gloom or it suggests that human beings are inferior to otherworldly visitors.

The documentary which this artwork is based upon puts a very different spin on things, one that has a positive core message, urging people to look beyond the mainstream narrative and ask deeper questions. This is why we have released this design: as a way to stimulate discussion, evoke intrigue, create an avenue for enquiry and inspire people to ask questions. “I love that mug, what’s the story behind that picture?” or “nice hoodie, what’s with the interdimensional vortex stuff?”

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Drink Daily Motivation: Jesus Crossword Puzzle Mug – a great gift

These lovely two-tone mugs provide a daily dose of motivation. Available in red or black with a crossword puzzle that has Jesus at their core, they are proving to be very popular. If you are looking for a wonderful spiritual gift for yourself or the truth seeker in your life, look no further.

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These mugs are proving to be one of our most popular spiritual designs. Many people like the black mug because it implies “Jesus” in the empty cells. Whereas others love the vibrant red mugs with Jesus’ name upon them. Which of these motivational mugs would you prefer? Of course you can have both!

You can find this daily motivation “Solving Life’s Puzzles” mug in our store here.

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Discover our Signature Series: Bespoke Spiritual Designs to Inspire You

Our mission is to spiritually inspire good people just like you with bespoke spiritual designs. But it’s not enough to be inspiring, our work is founded in truth and so we work closely with a number of recognised spiritual teachers. In fact it was the work of author, podcaster, and filmmaker Mark Zaretti that inspired our original designs including: “Life is school for your soul” and the “UFO” series.

Mark has kindly granted us license to use inspirational quotes from his books, films, and podcasts as well as some of his artwork. These quotes form our “Signature Series” and have Mark’s signature on them.

M Zaretti: Inspiring Bespoke Spiritual Designs
M Zaretti

Explore Our “Signature Series” Bespoke Spiritual Designs:

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Unboxing Our Latest High Quality T Shirt:

We start the new year with a new product. Yesterday I received two T Shirts and some mugs, the first products from Truth Wear Brand. So as it is the first day of a new year and these are the first products ever from Truth Wear Brand, then I thought I would share their unboxing. We start with the “Life is school for your soul” unisex T shirt.

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It’s just a quick review but you get to see how the T Shirts are carefully packaged and shipped from our UK printing facility. The reviewer is 6 foot tall and weighs just under 13 stone and is wearing a size medium (M). What’s really great about these T shirts is they are true sized, matching T shirts from high-street suppliers like M&S. Furthermore the sizing is long in the body so that, should you wish, they can be tucked in when layering up. When not tucked in they are also flattering in their fit.

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UFO T Shirt That is Out of This World!

Did you know that this UFO T-Shirt has been created using the actual 3D model from a feature length documentary? Truth Wear Brand were lucky enough to be given access to the wireframe rendering of the UFO craft from “Stonehenge: Into the Light” so you can get it as a really cool Tee shirt design. Available for both men and women, you can let the world know “I want to believe” and unleash your inner Mulder or Skully!

UFO T Shirt

UFO T Shirt Design Elements

The T shirt print includes labels of some of the key propulsion systems along with an information box and is available in a number of colours and sizes. Click on the button below to see the different options.

When you wear this T Shirt you’re definitely going to start some interesting conversations! It’s time to stand out from the crowd with an out of this world design! If you’re looking for other products that sport this design then click the image below. We’ve got hoodies, multi-coloured mugs and even a desk mat!

More UFO design products

More UFO inspired products

Click to view them all

Factoid: This was actually our first design and is based upon the UFO craft shown in the documentary “Stonehenge: Into the Light”. We got hold of the original 3D model of the UFO and reverse engineered the design you see above. Therefore this design is 100% authentic. It shows a cross section of the craft with two out of four of the pilots. Whether you’ve seen that documentary or not though there’s no denying this is a really cool design!