About Us

We’re a small business based in the UK and we do our best to be ethical, sustainable, responsible etc… Let’s be honest though, in this modern agethese are claims that most companies make and for good reason. However, though a good idea, the fact we are ethical or sustainable doesn’t really explain to you why our clothings and accessories stand out from the crowd. So here’s a few things that make us and our clients special:

100% Human made designs – No Artificial Intelligence

It may surprise you that a lot of the clothing designs you see online have actually been created by Artifical Intelligence. Sadly AI and machine learning algorithms are increasingly used to auto generate designs, often by copying and plagerising real artists. The problem is so bad that a lot of printing companies are inundated with mass-produced AI content.

At Truth Wear Brand we believe in the inherent value of each and every human being. Our clothes are worn by real lovely and spiritually awake people, just like you. So it is good to know that all our designs have been lovingly created by real humans using their wonderful creativity.

Furthermore we refuse to actively use any AI tools in any part of our process, which means that all the website content, descriptions, artwork and so on has been human-made.

When you need to contact us you’ll be talking to a real human!

UK Based Printing

We are a UK based small business and we’re delighted to be able to ship products throughout the UK. All our products are printed in the UK and shipped directly to you from the printers, which means they have a minimal shipping impact on the environment.

We also do our best to choose high quality and ethically sourced products which will last a long time, reducing waste. For example some of our products are made from organic cotton.

To say thank you to our loyal customers we provide free shipping on all orders over £100.

From the Heart

At Truth Wear Brand we are totally passionate about our mission, which is to provide great quality clothing and accessories with a positive spiritually message.

Great care and consideration goes into every design, coming from the heart. What you wear and the items you have in your home says a lot about you and our goal is to provide you with uplifting, spiritually truthful designs so what’s in your heart can be reflected by what is on your T Shirt, jumper or mug, for example. We’re trying to spread a little more love, joy, and wisdom, one item at a time.