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Unboxing Our Latest High Quality T Shirt:

We start the new year with a new product. Yesterday I received two T Shirts and some mugs, the first products from Truth Wear Brand. So as it is the first day of a new year and these are the first products ever from Truth Wear Brand, then I thought I would share their unboxing. We start with the “Life is school for your soul” unisex T shirt.

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It’s just a quick review but you get to see how the T Shirts are carefully packaged and shipped from our UK printing facility. The reviewer is 6 foot tall and weighs just under 13 stone and is wearing a size medium (M). What’s really great about these T shirts is they are true sized, matching T shirts from high-street suppliers like M&S. Furthermore the sizing is long in the body so that, should you wish, they can be tucked in when layering up. When not tucked in they are also flattering in their fit.

2 thoughts on “Unboxing Our Latest High Quality T Shirt:

  1. Hi Mark
    The T-shirt looks really nice and good quality. Do you know if it washes well? Thanks.

    1. Hi Eve,
      We’ve washed a number of our T-Shirts including the one above. Some of them are 100% Organic cotton, others are a mix. But all of them wash really well. The print process and quality is exceptional so there isn’t any sign of cracking or the fabric shrinking etc. Obviously all clothing deteriorates with wear and washes, but if you follow the care instructions for each garment then you should find that our clothing lasts a long time and looks great. This is why we carefully select the type of fabrics we offer. If you ever did have a problem then you could contact our customer care team via the contact form and we would help/advise/refund you as appropriate. We also encourage you and others to leave reviews and you can always contact us with questions or feedback. Best wishes.
      Mark and the team

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